Mike Martin

PS @tapanes_ileana alma mater in the SEC that starts with a A & ends w/ A came in 2nd at with 10 draft picks. #ImAGoodSport

Mike Martin

#TeamWinning My #1 squad @UMichFootball ballin' w/ 11 picks & my @MiamiHurricanes w/ 9! Both degrees on the wall! #ExpensiveAssPaper

Congrats to @CooperKupp & Samson Ebukam being drafted by @RamsNFL!! #GoEags #ProEags

Jurrell Casey

Yo fam welcome to the team. One jackrabbit to another let's get it @JayonBrown12

Zach Brown

Didn't know he was a fan and from DMV

Has it really been 9 years??… Congrats to all the new rookies! Savor the moments! @NFLPA

Lol. Why is he yelling? That joka is going to pass out...

Zach Brown

Didn't even watch the NBA games lol 4got they was on

Mike Martin

My former classmate @TakeoSpikes51 out there making those pinstripes look good! I see you man!

Mike Martin

@Mike_Daniels76 @J_7TRE_E Jah is my guy! Congrats bro.. both my guys in Wisconsin now!

Mike Martin

A lady that works at penn station just told me that a cookie is almost 800 calories. I proceeded to then purchase one

Dude he's a baby, he's not going to remember this

Michael Griffin

30 plus later. Not where you start but where you finish…

Jurrell Casey

Corey Davis welcome to the family time to get to work #family #welcomehome #Smashville

Daimion Stafford

To my future 7th round picks, get to where your going and show them you belong!

Dorin Dickerson

Let's try that again...Adoree Jackson looking just like Roddy White.

Beau Brinkley

Enemy territory.........Can't wait for tomorrow night!! #Preds #beattheblues #game2

Taylor Lewan

Good luck everyone this weekend, especially to the @UMichFootball guys. I feel sorry for any of you that have to play against me. #NobadDays

Mr. Undrafted

I remember being with my family and friends draft weekend and I……

To EVERY player selected tonight, enjoy it and have fun. Know that this is your job now so perfecting your craft is a MUST! #NoNewFriends

Michael Griffin

#tbt2007 Good Luck tonight to the young men who lives will be changed forever. Never take one…

Coty Sensabaugh

#ivolunteer because I enjoy putting smiles on other people's face. Why do you serve?

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