Tavon Austin

Your grind is never respected until you "make it"..

Cody Davis

Be sure to check out or DVR @PriceIsRight tomorrow at 10AM! See what happens when I get on the stage with……

Eric Kush is officially up! 100% American made Tanks, T-shirts, Hoodies, and more.…

Tavon Austin

Once you learn your value, don't ever drop the price...

Johnny Hekker

The Cards and Cowboys are praying that the field painter guys mess it up again.

Michael Brockers

This is how we do in the offseason morning #Grind


“What We Eventually Accomplish In Life May Depend More On Our Passion And Perseverance Than On Our Innate Talent.”

“No one has ever gone to heaven and returned. But the Son of Man has come down from heaven.” John 3:13

Jesus replied "So you are a preacher and you don't know these things? I've told you what I know and yet you still don't believe"

So Nicodemus came back and said "How are these things possible?"

Jesus replied and said, "No one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born of water and the Spirit."

So Nicodemus came to Jesus and said "What do you mean we must be born again? How can a man enter his mothers womb a second time?"

Chris Long

@Ky1eLong @JIBRALTER @ders808 your mom flies under the plane with the baggage

Chris Long

@Ky1eLong @JIBRALTER @ders808 and wears a white button down and a maroon vest and black slacks with black etonics. keeps the gum on a tray

Chris Long

@Ky1eLong @JIBRALTER @ders808 your mom sells gum and cologne in an Arby's bathroom

Rodney McLeod

Excited to team up with Smoothie King @SKHavertown & @SKGlenMills this year. Been part of my training regimen for y……

There's the guy that catches interceptions with his body all the time. Atta boy!!…

James Laurinaitis

Watching Beauty and the Beast on the patio with my princess!!

Chris Long

Technically I've mixed in a good bit of @SteelDrivers

Chris Long

Blasting some @ChrisStapleton tonight and my mood improves immediately. High volume.

James Laurinaitis

I really need to see Mumford & Sons and Of Monsters and Men in concert

Eric Kush

@Ky1eLong tell me about this Willys jeep brah

Ooooooooooooooooo somebody in trooouubbbbllleeeee…

Rebels in hot water?

Johnny Hekker

You better believe I am going for the prize...Show me the money…

Todd Gurley II

@qdiggs6 like that don't you lol giving out free ankles if you need them.

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