Chris Long

@JakeMcQuaide Cleveland didn't see like their kinda crowd

Jake McQuaide

Saw em at country concert in Ohio last year... killed…

Chris Long

Assisting me in dealing with Monday

Johnny Hekker

Really need to write a book. "NFL Relocation 101 - A player's how to"

Chris Long

Maybe the cool lib kids will come around in the fight against robots now…

Todd Gurley II

Lil bruh Fox & Monk still the realist

Robert Quinn

Shoutouts to the #Gamecocks on making the #FinalFour! Put on for the true Carolina State!

Chris Long

Feels good knowing my cards are secure.

Chris Long

Zipper wallet guy. I just got so tired of my cards falling out of my regular wallet. And so many useless pockets in a normal wallet.

Chris Long

Big announcement... proud to say that I just became a....

Chris Long

Also @KangetheCd traveled all the way from Kenya to talk water. Great group.…

Rodney McLeod

FOCUS.A key to success. Excited for what hacku52 is about to do for our community. Stay tuned ‼️…

Tavon Austin

Join me @ @champssports Santa Monica at midnight tonight to kick off Air Max day and be the first buy the new NIKE Air vapormax. #airmax

Robert Quinn

It's quite sad to sit and think about this! This great nation once considered all blacks "3/5"…

Bradley Marquez

Why I love March Madness! What a game!

I can't wait for first take

Somebody gotta do a Jordan meme with lavar ball

You right. Easily ✊

Fox stock just went up

I wonder what lavar ball goin to say now lol

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