Clint Gresham

Talk about your struggles. God is committed to you even when you want to give up on yourself

I love everything about my hometown except the fact that we have a hard time getting together and having a good time w/o violence.

Rocky Maivia

I just got put on to Chris Stapleton last night... #DearWypipo why y'all be hiding y'all best artist and giving us a million EDM DJ's? Smh

Clint Gresham

Loved connecting with #12s after speaking at northwest ministers conference today!

Rocky Maivia

But Biggie & Tupac's murderers still aren't in custody... smh…

Justin Britt

Bellevue camp tomorrow! Get some rest tonight! (You're gunna need it) **Bring your rain gear** CYA TOMORROW CAMPERS!

Michael Bennett

@MartysaurusRex @packers proud of you bro let's keep changing the world n push our peers to join us in this challenge

Clint Gresham

In seattle for the day, where should I buy some coffee beans to bring home with me to Texas??

This Movantik commercial is amazing! Cracks me up (or Loosens me up) every time, especially during the #NCAATournament

What an idiot..What a LOSER! Literally had no idea this exhibit existed, I'm staying in the hotel right next door t……

Rocky Maivia

Son said "3 hours... aye cuz I don't know if I can wait 3 hours cuz" lmaoooo I was weak…

Russell Wilson

#BVD “This is my command: Love each other.” John 15:17 NIV

Clint Gresham

Loved speaking to such an awesome group!! Great to meet you!…

Jon Ryan

Date night with @sarahcolonna in the ATL. We're gettin turnt. I think that's what the kids say? Right?


Proud of lil bro devon7hunter. I can't wait to see him touch the field @ VT. Give him a follow…

Russell Okung

Shame on us for allowing Tom Brady's jersey to have more coverage than #missingdcgirls

.@kurtstreeter. "You're crazy man. I like you, but you're crazy!" Kurt's a lot more intelligent than the movie this quote is from #OldSchool

Bobby Wagner

Don't tell a lie on me. I won't tell the truth 'bout you

Rocky Maivia

So Future really has the best 2 albums this year. #OTA Coming in April

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