Chris Hairston

Wins don't come with excuses no need to go looking for em #StayCharged #StaySolid

Just saw @GetOutMovie. Beautifully written by Jordan Peele. Comedy, suspense, & thriller all into one movie. #Subliminals #Honest #MustSee

What up my good people?? Anything special today?

Woke up feeling a little under the weather. Shout out to my man Dr. Waz for giving me the pick…

Branden Oliver

Man he messed up wade triple double come on man

Keenan Allen

Don't talk to me, get yo bread up!

Jahleel Addae

@iamSB3 aye I'm talking 4.4 speed weighing 250 ray Lewis hit stick ! Lmao

Keenan Allen

Gaglione Bros. it is! I've had this before tho

Keenan Allen

Any good philly cheese steaks in San Diego?

Chris Hairston

My Great Aunt Shirl 81 years old today help me congratulate her today with Retweets and Love ❤️ #Family #StaySolid

T-ball season kicked off today! Our boys are on the same team and I am "coaching" (aka her…

Keenan Allen

Bet everybody tweeting me talkin bout my ACL gonna jump on the bandwagon by week 3 #thankyou #S13YER

Keenan Allen

Real one from the boro (336) throwin bows #S13YER

Fajita Night. Jayme and I had ours on a bed mixed greens. The boys had theirs with corn to…

What You Should Be Doing That You May Not Be:

Ben Beckwith

I blame participation trophies for all these Libs marching around in the street whining about common laws. #LiberalsMakeAmericaLookSoft

Ppl don't know about the shaq that was out running ppl and crossing ppl down the floor…

I hate when ppl in sports say you wouldn't be good if you weren't so much bigger like that's part of skill set so stop it.

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