Emmanuel Acho

#Durant injury: 3-1-2017. 3 major knee ligaments were healthy, 1 is injured. 3-1. #Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the……

Emmanuel Acho

The @Warriors now have 3.1 Million twitter followers. 3.1. 3-1. The #Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the #NBA Finals.

Emmanuel Acho

They say, "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars"... but why land among the stars when you can have the moon!

Do what you do for God and everything else will fall into place .

Julian Vandervelde

Idea: News show called Shut the Hell Up where pundits and interviewers let eachother finish sentences and ask questions without interrupting

Jon Dorenbos

Thank you ENERGY INSURANCE MUTUAL - what a blast. Great crowd.

Emmanuel Acho

"Dear God, thx for not letting #AdrianPeterson hit Free Agency & get behind the @DallasCowboys OLine while I played for the @Eagles. Amen."

The Rise & Shine group getting after it! #getsome #nfl @ Proactive Sports Performance At the Marke

Emmanuel Acho

Here you go messing up @StephenCurry30 again! Smh @brittneyshipp, let my dawg know the Bay Area forecast ahead of t……

Just finished the work for the AM, 4:40am in the gym, 185 on the Snatch, form

God is my FUEL and I'm on

I was pumped for the new 24 until I realized I miss Kiefer Sutherland, and now I’m hooked on @ABCDesignated Survivor!

Looking forward to seeing you ball bro! It's goi g to happen! Respect ✊

Emmanuel Acho

Nothing honestly, pretty boring award show, even more dull ending. #Oscars…

Jordan Matthews

Although she would leave me for our puppy... I would say we're off to a great start

Emmanuel Acho

Somewhere Steve Harvey looking like.... #Oscars

Congrats to @violadavis it's time to recognize great actors regardless of color

If it was easy we'd all be successful, put the work in this week !!! #Motivation

Jordan Matthews

God's timing is always better... He's working with eternity

Plays and films that tell the story of the African American diaspora that are authentic to the reality of the times are GOLD

It's awesome to see @FencesMovie get nominated for best picture along with Best Actor & Best Supporting Actor

Emmanuel Acho

Walking through a mall in Scottsdale, a girl asks me, "are you @MarquetteKing??" I told her naw, I'm much better looking!

Jerome Couplin III

Had to bring my boys thru to see my good people districtcryo Friday after a great work on the…

Can't Stop Laughing man

Keep doing it big and putting on for NC bro! ✊

May mercy and peace and love be multiplied to you! Jude 1:2

Special S/O to my high school bball team that just advanced to the 4th round playoffs. Proud of y'all ✊

@Keenan13Allen if it's not made in philly don't eat it bruh !!!

Emmanuel Acho

2 types of ppl in this world. One's that respond, "polo!" only after "marco" & the ones that randomly yell "polo polo polo!" Inciting danger

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