Damon Harrison

No sir I thank him every day for all these blessings. Without him I am nothing…

Damon Harrison

Still got that 2011 baby need pamper money hunger...never satisfied I live for this. No long talk, just watch...

Damon Harrison

Wasn't in the Top 100 of my position group coming out of I'm in the NFL Top 100. Bless up. Stay down till u come up #DreamBig

Willie Colon

How many People still wish they had their Blackberry's and BBM Poppin again?

Leger Douzable

The biggest loser in the CP3 deal is Deandre, he could have left a couple of years ago, and now hes gonna loose that statefarm money lol

Leger Douzable

I know he hot now, plus he loosing statefarm money now lol…

You ain't gonna get any better by being comfortable

Dion Bailey

Man @MikeVick still got a laser for an arm boy & @nickdapick36 still got it!! Lol dang yo #AFFL

People will try to put they limitations on you, be careful who you share your dreams with

My dawg told sometimes your best ain't enough you gotta dig deeper and find enough

Keep talking to Klay PG make it happen!!

Leger Douzable

Really @XFINITY an outage until 9pm its really gonna take that long to fix the problem. Smh

Some syrup with that pancake please. #thatsmebtw

When you put "but" after "not going to ..." you're contradicting your previous statement. I am interested to see w……

Zac Stacy

Bruh you know ain't nothing getting posted at 265

Zac Stacy

Looking at one of the new ambassadors for the @NDSS. Such an honor to represent this great organization.


Congrats to my lil bro @russwest44 on being the league MVP. God Bless

Congratulations Brodie @russwest44 M.V.P

Damon Harrison

What u know bout grinding with no sleep for 2 days...but gotta get the rent money right before 2 a days...what ya life like @Geraldini93

Damon Harrison

You don't got bars like that, yo bars type wack...@Geraldini93

Damon Harrison

In NY just watch how u moving around kid, u at best top 5 of the bottom of the proving grounds kids…

I'm a problem, it's probably best you don't hoop with me...destroy all that confidence you got going over there lol…

Jace Amaro

Quarter of a century today. Thanks for dinner moms and grandma, Love you. And thanks for all the…

Damon Harrison

Maybach pillows with Lombardi pictures in the back, givin out bucs and puttin bucs on a line oh u gotta be quicker……

Damon Harrison

Free schmoke season begins easy until then…

Damon Harrison

Tell your O-Line shut me up...I know imma get got, but imma get mine more than imma get got tho- @MoneyLynch…

Damon Harrison

They sleep on all of schmoke season. Cowboys fans probably hacked the voting system

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