You should see what I'm up too these days, reach one teach one

Prince Amukamara

Still can't believe I was in the most famous selfie ever!! #Oscars

Geoff Schwartz

What's the reasonable amount of photos to post with your significant other on vacation? I think I'm pushing the limit.

Bobby T. Hart 

How is the best coach in the country doing @CoachGran ?

Geoff Schwartz

I'm not ready to see spring training tweets. Feels like the season just ended

My very first performance Ayyyyy man I had so much fun!!! GOD is good #spreadlove

0-100 ... My first performance ever they let me shoot me video here and then invited me back…

Victor Cruz

Enjoying this coast a little bit too much.

Geoff Schwartz

Hand rolled cigars. Best cigar I've had and now I can't even remember what was 2nd. So good.

William Beatty

Humility and the fear of the LORD bring wealth and honor and life. -Proverbs 22:4 #onamission #eyesontheLord

Jasper Brinkley

Although your idealistic fantasies of travel or education may ... More for Cancer

William Beatty

Don't worry, God has YOU. Phil 4:6

Best feeling in the world is being on that field in front of 90 plus thousand screaming fans

Geoff Schwartz

Finally... amazing food off the resort! Lobster salad, grilled seafood plate w/lobster, shrimp, snapper and a 4 che……

Dwayne Harris

It was 10 years ago when we meet and been mobbin together ever since my brothers @melomek…

Jonathan Casillas

Preciate my guy @ieatpupusas for lacing me up wit some @populardemand gear!!

Affect me like how because I tweeted it was wack and false inform published about me well long as you #RESPECK me w……

Your absolutely right man! I have a lot of passion though, and for somebody to label you to take away from reaching……

apretell2003 apretell2003 apretell2003 apretell2003 amazing work keep them A's coming

Well why publish agreement is their and thats disgusting...…

Wack and I only played 3 yrs @VT_Football but only one #NFL season to have 2 @Giants franchise records and be calle……

So @bigblueview what's your point? is It I should have played longer? And you also made false statements about me in your article

A bust? Hmm that's is disrespectful @bigblueview with only one full season #allpro #2records #and was the first nfl……

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