TJ Graham

So the billboard on the left is causing an uproar in NC. The one on the right is the opposite

TJ Graham

So the billboard on the left is causing an uproar in NC. The one on the left is the opposite

I suck at not watching the Avengers when it's on TV

Senio Kelemete

When you take care of Gods business he will take care of yours

Brandon Browner

Are you down to be a distraction baby

Khiry Robinson

Less than 60days to find me a NYC BM lol bonita Wya

Thomas Morstead

This never happens anymore. Life is good...

such a meme-able face lurking in this picture

jairus byrd

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take …”…

Half the calories, same great taste!…

Delvin Chip Breaux

The wifey and I at our baby shower... cant wait for my lil mans... #dj #delvinjr #breauxshowjr #bigsonjr

cameron jordan

Soon as we get off he was screaming again again... like maaan it looked like u hated that

cameron jordan

He didn like his first carousel ride till he got off just another day con familia #TankandGlo

Cavs are about to take all of these rest jokes.

Brandin Cooks

By the power of God he raised the lord from the dead and he will raise us also! 1 Corinthians 6:14

Khiry Robinson

Donations ... we all deserve another chance

Delvin Chip Breaux

Be proud of who YOU are... God made everybody different... #stay blessed

cameron jordan

Sittin round playin wit tank the stinker really bit the livin heck out my finger... almost put him in a real choke hold

Benjamin Watson

Hope you're well too homie. Didn't mention any of those cities in my comment. Take a breath and reread and you'll s……

Benjamin Watson

Raiders to Vegas. Character not location determines conduct. However, certain locations challenge character more frequently.

Benjamin Watson

Heard you sippin tea nowadays! Congrats ☕️ on the new business

bummer for Oakland but I can't get enough of these new stadiums…

days like today are why I always chuckle when fans side with ownership and blast players for wanting to get paid

United: "Sir, you can't come on our plane in those leggings" Josh Gordon: "yes I can" United: "Chicken or Fish?"

it's the pattern on the pants, it's not flattering in the crotchal region…

Delta is ready to win the hearts of the angry mob!…

Khiry Robinson

Who helped rehab and get Paul George back after his tibia fracture .. I need some tips cause I'm feeling great and wanna make this yr count

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