I'm suspending disbelief for tonight but part of me thinks that was too good to be true...

Warriors--Indians--Falcons---> La La Land.

Genuinely shocked. Performance was more than deserving, but with all the surrounding controversy I never thought they'd give it to him.

Brie Larson is the love of my life.

Game by the pound

The Lobster wins the Oscar for most sex scenes in the woods.

I loved We Bought a Zoo, don't @ me

"And that's why this is my house, Flo Rida"

Benjamin Watson

1)Desensitization 2)Jamming 3)Conversion After the Ball by Kirk/Madsen. #WhenWeRise

Drew Brees

Unreal hike on Awa'awapuhi Trail in Kauai recently. 6 1/2 mile hike from top of Waimea Canyon to Napali Coast

Everyone else stop tweeting now. It's over.…

Gary needs to post that picture and dethrone the Ellen selfie.

PSA: the Animated Shorts are on iTunes and a really fun way to kill a couple hours. Blind Vaysha and Pearl were my two favs.

Zootopia was an animated movie about sexism and racism. I refuse to call it a children's movie.

Pixar's first win in 15 years in the Animated Shorts category.

The scariest thing I've ever seen.…

cameron jordan

Left Cabo like this #myLightRider too scared to go to the front

Side note: the scene from 'Manchester by the Sea' they showed for Michelle Williams was the hardest I cried during any of these movies.

More importantly, she does raw power and emotion better than almost anyone. For further evidence see this acceptance speech.

Viola Davis' traps look incredible right now. I refuse to let that go unnoticed.

Mortal lock of the all-time on deck.

Willie Snead IV

Are you on social media to Impress People(Self) or to Impact People in a Positive Way for the Kingdom..?

Arrival was awesome if for no other reason because it fed my deep need for content about non-linear time.

I've pushed kids aside for T-Shirts at sporting events so you can be damn sure I'd push Ryan Gosling for a bag of redvines.

The streak lives on..

It's been called "A triumph"

Trying to break my streak of eating a whole large bag of Pirate's Booty in one sitting.


If Suicide Squad must win something at least let Fantastic Beasts crash the party too...

Mahershala Ali was incredible. Those scenes at the dinner table with Chiron were quiet and caring and extremely moving.


Even celebrities aren't immune to that excited "I'm on camera" face.

Death before multiple grocery unloading trips.

Benjamin Watson

When you walk past a full length mirror and realize your wife either bought or picked out everything you're wearing...#livin

Stay Tuned as @K2P21 goes behind the scenes of praterjohnny famous chilli...

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