You know what 2 do lil brudda!!! Proud of you fam!…

To all my Undrafted brothers God picked you all for this specific Trial! Keep him first and prove all 32 Wrong...✖️♠️ #Undrafted #WhyNot

Matt Hazel

Twitter done turnt into Instagram lol

Matt Hazel

Congrats to that boy from the area! It's hard to do that from there #salute…

Walt Aikens

Congrats to all those that were drafted! And to those that weren't drafted keep pushing it's only the beginning!! #destined

Matt Hazel

Let's gooooo Lil bruh!!!!!! @DHenderson31 congrats!!!!!

Derrick Shelby

A lot of Utes going off the board!

Lamar Miller

Them []_[] boys getting off the board now!

Greg Jennings

Once again I got suckered into thinking @NicoleLJennings really meant "I only need 5 min" @Target 25 min and 5 bags later she walks out..smh

Greg Jennings

Shout out to TaylorMoton on getting drafted by the @Panthers & continuing the fine tradition of @WMU_Football products!

Greg Jennings

The Crew at the Grand Opening of the new @oneposhcloset!

Greg Jennings

Are you excited with the move(s) your team made last night during the #NFLDraft

Be who? Be (U)Nique....✖️♠️ naveofficial_ @ New Jersey

Greg Jennings

My wife is such a BOSS!!! So happy for you and all your success, @NicoleLJennings !…

Lonzo Ball will be on the court in Big Baller Brand sneakers by Sketchers at this point.

Derrick Shelby

Why does everyone in Georgia drive like student drivers?

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