Lamar Miller

Every day is another opportunity to reach that goal.

Man! I chose 19

Living thru those Lyrics will have you lost in the World. But I admire Women who seem to pull it off! The dudes... I don't ever believe U

Who you calling when you need your ego stroked? That Premium ⛽️⛽️⛽️???

Kenny Stills

This man has a @Snapchat filter for his wedding!

@lindseyw_hey I have a extra seat on this bus would u like a ride r what?

New phone who dis !? They sleep

Dorsey shot that from Springfield Oregon

Neville Hewitt

Small things like manners can take u a long way #facts

If you see white jersey #9 in this video say "Lets Go 9!"

Rishard Matthews

Shout out @nevadawolfpack & all the coaches & staff that helped me get to where I'm at today!…

Walt Aikens

Anybody got grits and biscuits tickets?

Happy Birthday to My Dawg @OlRegular_P !!! Keep Striving Brah! Enjoy the day!

Gotta turn the whole phone off just to focus

Thank you for making my Saturday ✊

I imagine that's what foreign whips feel like when u put unleaded in them

Matt Hazel

Wonder what lavar ball gone say about this performance lol

Matt Hazel

Devin booker DMs lit right now lol

Ralph LaurenLIP

I love my daughter so much man... it's crazy how she only one and I feel like I have known her my whole life

Matt Hazel

If USC could win the basketball natty SC would

Hmm when you start balling like this !?@MarcusLattimore or have I been sleep

I would go as far as updating this kit with a realistic routine that each person has to increase the chance tht they are found

A Kit of some sort. In every household. Equipped with a recent picture. DNA sample ex. Hair strands & notable marks ex. Tattoos/ birthmarks

The communities in our country should collaborate & start a program/ system that raises the chances of a missing person to be found.

Of course press the higher ups to find every person that has gone missing, but we all don't have to do it.... assign tht to "our" higher ups

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