Sergio Brown

Talking with a friend about your long-term goals helps clarify... More for Gemini

Blake Bortles

@PatMcAfeeShow anytime man. Not next though thats too tough to follow

I get it out the mud, don't know no other way. I'm just smarter with it now, grind smarter not harder

Tony Washington

Grind don't stop! Rocking some @phenomelite gear to run routes today. Head over now and use promo code "Tony12" to……

Up and at it, thank you lord for another day

Jared Odrick

While in JAX or not, John Phillips and his legal team are true examples of integrity and leadership in NE FL. Many thanks @JohnPhillips

Hayes Pullard lll

Whats some good places to eat in D.C. ?

Allen Robinson

Dave Chappelle by far the funniest of the comedians out right now

Arrelious Benn

Your understanding of not lying to yourself must be A1!

Andre Branch

I cut off all my distractions and started attacking

Ryan Davis

My back to school bash this summer will be Lit...again

Davon House

Building blocks with his friend. Growing up too fast! @ Kalaoa, Hawaii

Bernard Pierce

No problem was a pleasure running with you guys and meeting everyone. Thank you!…

Telvin Smith

Idk why they don't respect it Tel!! I swear on my kids y'all just……

It's the year of Frank ! Believe that !…

Woke up in the spirit 4real this AM !!!! #FinalFour baby !!!!! Proud of @GamecockMBB @GamecockWBB this is epic !!!

Sergio Brown

You may get riled up by an enthusiastic call to action even if... More for Gemini

Can't believe I just did that but something really told me to do it and I don't go against the grain

To get where I am at it took sacrifices

@JamesDockery31 you know I keep it simple

Guess I'm going to start hitting my upper body too, I been killin legs

Thank you lord for another day

When Stephen A lost Skip he lost.... what is he talking about now ? Jesus Christ

Nicole Murphy like 50........ I'm bout to turn 49 next week

Arrelious Benn

You ever want somebody not to believe you?!Tell them the TRUTH! #Phonehome I

Sergio Brown

There are some considerations that you prefer to leave in the ... More for Gemini

Demetrius McCray

GoodLuck to all my brothers today at @AppState_FB Pro Day!!!

Davon House

Today was a great Sunday. With a good service from church. With an amazing group of bothers and…

Shoe game bout to consist of vans, nmd's, and Jordan ones

Demetrius McCray

Really got a ticket for tints on my car smh

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