TJ Lang

@MNewhouse74 small as in 1 in 195k small? Alright fine. Congrats

Eddie Lacy

S/O to the lil bit of sunshine in Seattle right now

Davante Adams

Separation-- Reset vertical, make em think u wanna get on top, throw the brakes on (dont pop up), and u dont even g……

See what I'm saying. That's Ted Calling shots. Terrible.…

Aledo Highschool. Best Highschool in TEXAS. #GreatState…

TJ Lang

@MNewhouse74 i mean, you posted it on Twitter... So kinda open to public discussion...

Jeff Janis

Had a great time today painting windows at Tundraland with my new friend Delilah! Our paintings,…

Clay Matthews III

Ready to beat out the competition! Watch me bring the heat to @MichaelsStores MAKE-Off against @BusyPhilipps25……

I see ya @MonterrenParks! Let's go get this

Ty Montgomery

I'm actually kind of good at this kind of golf. Thanks @GolfClashGame for helping me live my dreams

John Kuhn

Come on coach @SeanPayton, get that club in the bag. + for execution, - for technique


Enjoying a glass on Fisher Island. How could I complain..

John Kuhn

Guess I'll stop all the jump training! Thanks NFL…


Strong minds lead. Strong minds also follow. Weak minds point fingers. Stay progressive. Stay focused.

Thank God 4 another day

Ty Montgomery

1st installment....just a hare hangin with some tortoises⬆️

59 shades of blue...

Oh Ted you havent seen nothing yet

Davante Adams

That boy AB inspire me to work everyday I swear! If u ever need something to push u just watch how he get it and look what its done for him

Nathan Palmer

Bucket list item 1/7 ✔️ @ Colliseum, Rome, Italy

Country is what country does

Jeff Janis

Head on over to @deergear twitter page for the link for a chance to win a signed Legendary Whitetails cap! All...

Jeff Janis

Head on over to deergear twitter page for the link for a chance to win a signed Legendary…

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