Andrew Gachkar

If I'm walking in my neighborhood and you don't wave back... a certain flaming hot fury has been awakened.

Tyler Clutts

If your car got hit last night from the hail and need dent repair. Go see my guy Shaun.

Jeremy Mincey CEO

Shoutout @tidalhifi #JUSTWORK Moving in the Right Direction... #MMP the #newwave

Brice Butler

Na fa real.. I put it down bro... at least the partying aspect.. I'm still practicing my cuts and stuff but I ain't……

Brice Butler

Wow if John Rahm wins this match it'll be like a crazy comeback!! @DellMatchPlay @DellTech @DellTechChamp

Barry M. Church

Who does good sports portraits and artwork?

Brice Butler

Tanihara with an 8 iron for a 207 yard hole in one!?!? An 8 iron?? I thought my 175 yd 8 iron was long lol but 207!!?? Wow @DellMatchPlay

Jeremy Mincey CEO

#MMP Let's Start Paying attention to Family They do Matter. #

This uber stink

Jason Witten

As a father myself and believer in the power of positive role models-- I applaud @FrankMartin_SC remarks…

Brice Butler

Wow was just sittin on 13 talkin golf with @MichaelDell and didn't even notice it until half way thru convo !!……

Brice Butler

Austin Country Club looking beautiful today!!! @DellMatchPlay

Andrew Gachkar

Mommy and daddy staycation downtown.

March madness!!!

Jack Crawford

More is lost from inaction than wrong action.

Ryan Keith Russell

Learn from the past, prepare for the future, and perform in the moment.

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