Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus for another day !!!

Taylor Gabriel

Leading up to Draft day just remember I was a undrafted not free agent but a Try-Out dint sign anything after the d……

The ring dinger, by Dr Gregory Johnson. " this treatment realign you……

Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus for another day !!!

@BossWard43 @ChrisHarrisJr @AqibTalib21 ya manz in big boy crib or something? lol

Joe Haden

I'm just messing with you! We're not related! But the shot made me wana be related 2 em!!

Craig Robertson

Everybody as 24 hour fitness gonna be trying floating 3's now

Craig Robertson

So they doing floating 3's now?? Wow

de'aaron fox playing like the homies told him Lonzo Ball better. He going savage.

It's been a while, it's my 2nd day back doing #footwork drills. Got……

U 20 years young and you a savage for that 70 ball! @DevinBook #RESPECT!

Ross did his thing on that apple of my eye. Straight vibes man. Something that's elegant but hip hop approve same time.. slow head bobs..

Robert Turbin

Big Shout out to @djcizz djing the event tonight!! It's going down!

No more 15's in the mall..??

Stay true to Urself!

Joe Haden

Soooooooo @joethomas73 how you feeling about Wisconsin tonight against my GATORS??

Just because u have sauce, doesn't mean it's season right..

Robert Turbin

#Repost sontlive with @repostapp ・・・ #LIVE tonight at NFL @colts running back @RobT_33 charity…

Fight hard and smart tonight @alfonsolopez3 !!!

Them 15's toughhhh

Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus for another day !!!

Thanks to starkeyspringwater for sending me out my packages. This is……

Aye yo @djkhaled Did the @Drake vocals come in ?

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