What happened to his shoulder?

Wow. Nice. Mrs. Davis congrats. Fences

My favorite actor better win something tonight #DenzelWashington !!!

Ali congrats on the oscar.

He gone fake it til he makes it. He know that role real well. #suckafree! #meeeehh!

College town Griffin... to b safe man... get outta tally bro.…

Stay away from they (@djkhaled voice) #BlessUp

You got a gift and people will try to be your friend to benefit off you ! You got reposition yourself away from them !

I need to go watch Get Out

My family will be taken care of !

Brian Hartline

If you can see past the surface of @DanBilzerian lifestyle, what he has created thru social media platforms is nothing short of brilliant.

Brian Hartline

Let me first state, Yes, @DanBilzerian lifestyle does not seem boring. But...

Taylor Gabriel

Sometimes you have to grind harder than ever being undersized & underestimated #Godwilling

Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus for another day !!!

@BronzeBomber with the KO.... 38-0 37KO's lol Man is a savage !!!

Brian Hartline

@BenjaminSWatson and he asked to wrestle with boys but is required to wrestle based off birth certificate...

Brian Hartline

@BenjaminSWatson while trying to understand the article, it's a girl taking testosterone wrestling other girls...

Called it! I see ya melo!

Melo game winner..

The truth will set you free !

The Feast Mode 71

Congrats to this superstar!! @kelseyplum10 you deserve to be at the top with all the greats!…

Anybody watch Get Out ?

Ion need ya to like me.. boy I'm ah grown man..

I know for a fact @CoachDWarehime will have his O-Line ready for this season !

Ready to watch @BronzeBomber get this KO tonight

Free yourself from within !

Some people just not on the same mission as you !

Get right with the Lord. Take care of the family !

Brian Hartline

Cmon man... beach is probably boring right now too

Brian Hartline

It's one of those days where I want to catch a flight back to Ft Laudy...

Brian Hartline

Can someone please remind me... What are Saturday's for?

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Ahh man remy Ma did Minaj dirty.... 6 mins longgg

Combine your combinations of FOCUS into yourself. Thanks to my guy @LawrenceTriceJr pro track…

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