Carlos Dunlap

Appreciate All The Love On My Born Day! Ive been Blessed to see 28 now looking forward to the…

ADAm Pacman Jones

First day back in the gym , what I do legs lol 345 last set , not……

Mohamed Sanu Sr.

You're ready to journey far and wide for answers yet it seems ... More for Leo

Dre Kirkpatrick

Had a great time at St Bernard elementary yesterday. Really enjoyed the kids. #ItsLit

Giovani Bernard

Till next time Cabo !! Much thanks to the .@NFLPA

Paul Dawson Jr

App is amazing. Trust Use code HBTLN to get $30 off your 1st massage! Get the app or book on

"Imagine changing your life, after you said you'd do it." ~@DaveEast

Mohamed Sanu Sr.

The wind is at your back now, filling your sails and steadily ... More for Leo

George Iloka

Uh oh, now my thread is shifting to politics. I'm out lol ✌

George Iloka

Lemme see a different angle. I cracked my helmet twice this year and my facemask once so they gave me a new model.…

George Iloka

Agreed.Also alot of ppl who believe teachers should get paid more (n they should) also believe education should be……

George Iloka

So there should be a ma/limit on how much an American citizen should make? Or just entertainers?…

George Iloka

Wait, huh? I live in an apt currently. I worked at Burger King when I was 16. Then did construction at 17.I missed……

George Iloka

It's even deeper than that. Owners pay ppl lots of money to determine/estimate what YOU the fans would be willin to……

George Iloka

Thank you for what you've done and your service. I personally can't put a monetary value for what y'all do. No one……

George Iloka

I'm learning that now lol. I'll back off this topic. Every I learned in Macro Economics class was a lie. Shout out……

George Iloka

No one has answered my original question yet smh

George Iloka

If I may ask, what do players deserve to get paid then?…

Derron Smith

Every athlete kno's about that noodle leg feeling on the first leg day workout

Mohamed Sanu Sr.

They just know how to twist things that's all.. fake news is better than none..…

Mohamed Sanu Sr.

A haunting recollection from the past may be accompanied by fe... More for Leo

AJ Hawk

E99: Mike Golic Jr @MGolicJR57 co-host #FirstAndLast on ESPN talking on the many legacies at #NotreDame -……

As if it means anything coming from me... Casey Affleck more than deserves that. Left the theatre in awe.

Korean BBQ is epic, word to @GDotCarter_2

KILLED IT!!!!! @TheRock KILLED IT!!!! BRAVO!!!!!

Justin Timberlake is a freakin stud.

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