Mikael Backlund

Today and every day,Iam proud to support @SpecialOCanada and @motionball in eliminating the use of the R-word!Join me by sharing #NOGOODWAY

Mikael Backlund

Just finished a float session at @clearfloatspa. Great way to unwind and relax after our long road trip. #JustBreathe

Mikael Backlund

I guess I'll have to keep my head up in practice now.....…

Mikael Backlund

#TBThursday, Last Sunday I visited @hometownhockey_ ! Had a good time joining Ron & Tara in the studio and it was g……

Bill Arnold

Happy Valentines Day to this beautiful girl. So lucky to call you mine ♥️

Mikael Backlund

Hey @NHLFlames fans! I'm going to be hanging out at @HometownHockey_ today in @TownofCochrane and would love to meet you! See you there!

Brandon Bollig

C.H.C.G Bomber kept me warm in Chicago. Check 'em out. @zachjlangston @ The Magnificent Mile

Mikael Backlund

Had a great time today with these gorgeous dogs

Oliver Kylington

Jag hörde tyvärr inte mitt namn idag när jag blev utsedd till bästa spelare, för dom prata franska.. #WorldJuniors

Tyler Wotherspoon

Good luck to @hockeycanada against Sweden today in the semis! #worldjuniors

Brandon Bollig

Everyone meet Ryan, the sideburn pioneer. Help the guy get on Ellen. #nosideburns…

Sam Bennett

Well I'll be up all night trying to delete these tweets, sorry for the notifications.. I honestly don't like sunglasses that much #hacked

Johnny Gaudreau

Proud to be part of #nbgivesback. Post a picture donating your sneakers, tag #nbgivesback & @newbalance will donate……

Mikael Backlund

@Bollig87 saved a piece for you... But I guess you don't want it!

Brandon Bollig

@mbacklund11 Thanks for the invite, nugget. I don't like cake anyway

Mikael Backlund

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I was so excited that I got to eat my favourite cake

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