Earl Watford

A beautiful calm day. Appreciate the fine folks of @theislandworld for putting all this together.

Earl Watford

The inconsistency of whether the leap was a flag or not. That's why they want to kill it probably. Flag one week. Not the next.

Happy G day Lil bruddah tooda man...

Earl Watford

What a site. @theislandworld crew setting up this amazing trip

That move is huge for the city

Sean Weatherspoon

I'm climbin' on a flat surface, that's like pedaling downhill. #theClimb

Sean Weatherspoon

Early morning with my Munch at the airport, she's the best!

Justin bethel

Well guys that's it for today. Movie time

Justin bethel

The truth always comes to light. Even the greatest liars get caught. Don't put that kind of pressure on yourself

Justin bethel

No matter how far you get in life remain humble. It will allow you to stay who you are, while others around you may start to change.

Justin bethel

Chunky monkey ice cream is love in a carton

Justin bethel

Caring for someone and trusting them doesn't go hand and hand. You can have one without the other.

Justin bethel

Sometimes even the people you trust the most will lie to you. But don't hold it against them. We are all trying to do what we think is best.

Justin bethel

Always be kind a giving. Even when it seems you should only look out for yourself.

Justin bethel

Don't let setbacks kill your enthusiasm to keep progressing

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Justin bethel

I'm bout to hit y'all with some original motivational quotes.

Larry Fitzgerald

Another amazing mission trip with the @starkeycares family in Kenya. #ChangingLives

Kevin Minter

I know I'm late lol...but I wanted to take the time to send a huge s/o to all the Cardinals…

What's the best breakfast restaurant downtown Cleveland ?

I'm addicted to hustle..I love the work,so I'm addicted to struggle!!!

Josh Mauro

I have no love for Oregon football, but Jordan Bell balled tonight, and he shouted out the utmost ✝ congrats young fella! #PAC12

AQ Shipley

Great time supporting my guy @BruceArians and @AriansFF golf outing today for a great cause. Best golfer today was……

Bradley Sowell

Fun day at Scottsdale National with these two beast @jfujisports @rickiefowler


#DroppinBombs! Thank you to the ariansff for putting on a first class event! #charity

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