#Repost @cabbie with @repostapp ・・・ A W A R D

#Repost @cabbie with @repostapp ・・・ A W A R D

Its about time scottcarlosgomez rides my coat tails. Thank you @craigsla for taking care of us.…

Ryan Kesler

For everyone who keeps asking what gear I use on the ice check out the link below to get it

The #AlaskaAllStars & #AlaskaOilers came out to watch an AK kid

Happy Birthday Mom/G.G.

Pat Maroon

Excited to go see my boy @IamRubenPaul tonight @ComicStripWEM. If you haven't seen him yet, he will be in town all week!! #wooben

Now if that was me, life without parole!!!

He didnt mean to do it

You look a man right in the eyes and spear him in the face and only get 6 games!!! Wow!!!

2 Rule books for 2 sets of players

Hampus Lindholm

Great to end the roadtrip with a win

Havent missed a beat

10 guys on my team in Ottawa would have went after that guy and that team I was on was softer than puppy shit!

How does Spurgeon walk into that dressing room and look at his teammates in the eye?

What is worse? Getting speared in the face or not one guy on the team sticking up for you? It is really sad on what our game has become!

That hat thoooo

Kevin Bieksa

One of the best people/coaches in the biz! Owe a lot to him. Congrats Bones!…

Don't get your hopes up Mikey. Unless you join the squad this summer…

Ian Burns the boats!

It was a long road back before my first game but even with all the work I put in I had so many…

#Repost @anaheimducks with @repostapp ・・・ Looking good, @NateThompson44! Thomer is back with the…

Ryan Kesler

What an amazing weekend with Ryker!! Here is my video of his goal on @CP0031.…

Not the right ending to a crazy 48 hours but super excited for a fresh start with the Devils.…

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