Lol I understood what you were trying to say I appreciate it though.... #silentgrind…

I truly think this is the greatest sports rant of my lifetime…

Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus for another day !!!

Clint Gresham

Talk about your struggles. God is committed to you even when you want to give up on yourself

I love everything about my hometown except the fact that we have a hard time getting together and having a good time w/o violence.

Kyle Van Noy

@Ebron85 hahaha thanks another co worker showing love!

Quandre Diggs

@KVN_03 Lmao boy you hit me with the @Big_Tah47 that's cold!

Kyle Long

Genetics runs in my family. Nobody runs in yours. More chune for your head top.…

Hi @FOX10Phoenix, if y'all start getting reports of a large man going door to door it's just @Kwaller_cru11. He's h……

cameron jordan

It's air max day!!!!!! #airmaxday %airmaxday awww shnaps s to the max gotta go find my maxs

Kyle Long

Now this I can get down with. Thanks for the heads up Shawn, stomach is grumbling…

Kyle Long

Actually with advances in modern technology I should be in an Avatar type robot by then #JokesOnYou…

Kyle Long

Also sucks when sarcasm goes over peoples heads, surprising considering your ten ft up on a jet pack dude…

Donte Moncrief

Every step I take is in the name of The Lord...

Kyle Long

"How does this guy know I got gas"

Kyle Long

I still laugh at the dumb and dumber note, "Dear Gas Man"

Kyle Long

Penis agent, thanks for the tips. I will look into my effort being better this year.…

Marlon Brown

I and I give thanks on this glorious day

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