Justin Forsett

The verse for tonight is Ephesians 6:1-3 Goodnight & God Bless!!


prolly 6 people right now awake and on twitter that can comprehend this. i am not one.…

Travaris Cadet

Happy to hear my lil homie @Jarrius surgery went well wishing him a speedy recovery with great energy God Bless you lil bra

Chris Hairston

When it's close to home it can shake u if u not properly grounded

Lawrence Virgil

Who's going to ride when it all falls?

Telvin Smith

Love my mama!! Today her bday!! Had to wait up to call her...y'all show her love, just yell it out & she'll hear y'all!!! Happy bday Ma!!!!

Kyle Long

People who are seeing my tweets for the first time tonight

T.J. Ward

Every other appearance he plays a slime ball lol

T.J. Ward

Now Terrance Howard has a real knack for playing a slime ball.

Kyle Long

Only guy who was true to his name... Les Stroud - survivor man.

T.J. Ward

This Glitter movie is really bad lol

Clint Gresham

6 speaking engagements this weekend AND pre-launching my Book....Great week to also be moving,while in the middle o……

That's how he is raised toughness!!

Kyle Long

If bill nye is a scientist then the dude from blues clues was a detective

Emmanuel Acho

Tore my groin against the #Titans on a Sun. Suited up 4 days later Thurs. Thanksgiving against #Cowboys. U probably……

Corey Nelson

What an awesome night this was with the Strive Green Vally Ranch school talent show. Thank you…

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