Justin Forsett

The verse for tonight is John 1:3 Goodnight & God Bless!!

CJ McCollum

☺️ just how we envisioned this season and I didn't even break a sweat…


Contreras with the 491-foot home run to help us secure the W for Game 4!!! It ain’t over yet,…

Tahir Whitehead

“Get it while its good, because nothing last forever.”

Damon Harrison

Tough decision. It hurt me to my core my man. Unforeseen circumstances.…

Dion Bailey

This nba rookie class looking nice

Rudy Gobert

Big team win to start off the season.

Bradley Beal

The Vault was electric! We need that every night !! #DCfamily

Joel Embiid

And That was 32 career games.... Felt great out there #TheProcess

Gabe Ikard

I was mad and I'm not even a baseball fan. Ended up alright because, as in all sports, "ball don't lie."…

Gabe Ikard

And it didn't end up mattering

Gabe Ikard

Joe Maddon needs to get tossed here. Crazy that they just changed that call.

Aaron Murray

Awful call by these umps in this cubs vs dodgers game! That was a strike out

Anthony Morrow

Thanks @typhsbraids y’all all go follow her. If you need twists or braids she got u.

andrew mccutchen

It’s all fun and games. Dont take this stuff serious. Most ppl do it to get a response. But I can say whattup to th……

Antwon V. Blake

You’ve ever been so tired you had to take a nap before bed just so you wouldn’t go to bed that damn tired?! A prerequisite nap!!

James Paxton

Had such a great day exploring #newyork with my amazing wife @katiesprick and our lovely host…

Chris Long

@RussellOkung Thanks bro- means a lot coming from someone of your caliber. I really enjoyed catching up this wk!!

Chris Long

@KVN_03 Thanks my guy! Enjoyed watching you ball out Sunday.

Leger Douzable

Great win by my @OrlandoMagic tonight way to start the season off 1-0

Jeremy Maclin

I hear ya but shooting definitely got worse after patch 4 for everybody....and it's still not fixed. ...

Marcus Morris

Praying for my guy G nothing but love bro!

Rocky Maivia

The Alivia thumbs up, shocked Malcolm & confused Clinton gifs we didn’t know we needed but now we can never live without #AYTO @AREUTHE1

Rocky Maivia

This post is foolish and wrong for so many reasons but why did you spell No with a 0 doe?…

Tobias Harris

S/o to all the fans tonight!! Wow @Eminem @BigSean in the building. That’s lit

Mark Ingram II

Sheesh first TD and @TheJimmyGraham dunking abilities earns a fine? What's going on?!!

Brandon Ashley

I need everyone to do me a favor. Please retweet this, share this, donate. My man is fighting a tough battle and ne……

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