Cam Thomas

New avenues of communication seem to open and close today, mak... More for Leo

Antonio Andrews

New avenues of communication seem to open and close today, mak... More for Leo

Brian Hartline

Who in gods name would be anti-Gase... wake up and get your minds right people! Gase is the dude. #GoFins…

Y’all I played basketball last night - ya boy doesn’t have it anymore

“Matt Lauer fathered Teo other children with two other women”... wait. Holdup. Wait a minute wait a minute.

Justin Hardy

Thanking GOD for allowing me to see another day #TrulyBlessed

Brandon Bolden

You’re driven to share your vision of the future with your fri... More for Aquarius

Jared Sullinger

Sometimes i be having whole convos by myself!!! Communication ain’t the same no more

Jared Sullinger

Sometimes simple communication not that simple anymore!!!

Jasper Brinkley

You have big ideas about how to improve your working condition... More for Cancer

Wake up, choose joy, and CONQUER SHIT!!

Jared Sullinger

Bullying is not acceptable. But kids lack of knowledge isn’t either!!! Both sides of the fences MUST do better

Korey Toomer

Your thoughts are bold and unrestrained today, empowering you ... More for Sagittarius

Juwan Staten

Blessed to see another day! God is great!!

Adonis Thomas

What's the newest iPad? Need one for Christmas.

Damon Harrison

Rest in paradise black! Heaven got them a real one @RickRoss he was a kind hearted soul...Prayers up for his family……

Anthony Dixon

And I'm telling you now,this comin from OG Triple

Anthony Dixon

Males,Females,family,man I done lost so many riders/supporters since having to say words like I ain't got it,I can'……

uk niggas be like "deadarse"

Anthony Dixon

If ya homeboy/ya dawg see profit or gain from the connection they don't mind being fake especially if you passive,t……

Anthony Dixon

As far as ya homeboys go aka ya dawgs,ya friends,whatever you calling em,man its all competition,if you got the jui……

Clay Matthews III

You’ve got just four more days to show Worry who’s boss. (Hint: It’s me.) #replaceworry.…

Anthony Dixon

In order to be the best gentleman you can be and know what lady to pick you gotta study women and sometimes the thi……

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