David Ortiz

Happy birthday baby girl daddy is so proud of you l can't believe u r 15 today. #ProudDad

Another great one today w/ my buddy cfbazookajoe at @crossfit1727 It was a high intensity…


Come out and be apart of the @formxforce Community and Family.. Visit our website…


Don't ever feel embarrassed or ever worry, he says send all worries up to the heavens and he…

Cam Thomas

Just as you are beginning to understand how self-restraint can... More for Leo


Life is about choices, we do this because we want to.. Not because we have to..

Michael Neal

Sometimes you have to just let him speak to your heart! #GuidedByHisSpirit

Christian Covington

God be with those in Belgium. This madness needs to stop


Sometimes what we need in life is a little push.. Let us be that for you #TeamEnforcers ... Come…

Andre Fluellen

To me, this is what makes free will, free will. Not the ability to choose, but the ability to believe

Andre Fluellen

Beliefs...the most powerful thing a human can do by herself is to believe


My heart and my prayers go out to the victims, as well as the families that have been affected…


Who's says you can't workout and have fun.. This is a Non-Judgmental Family... This is the…

Justin Tuck

I've finally been talked into getting on snaps.chats

Antonio Andrews

Just as you are beginning to understand how self-restraint can... More for Leo


We all have that #Enforcer in us.. Don't be afraid to bring it out. You can a have a ton of…


Come and get Formed by Force. In order for change you must force the issue. Don't stay the same…

Anthony Tolliver

Woke up 2 some really sad news this AM. My thoughts and prayers are out for those in #BRUSSELS! There are some evil people in this world smh

Tyrod Taylor

Good Morning! Attack The Day With A Positive Attitude! Be Blessed!

Reports suggest bombs were not detonated *at American Airlines check-in but near it.…

Brandon Bolden

You must stand up to an individual powerhouse today as someone... More for Aquarius

Jasper Brinkley

Your nurturing spirit may be met with indifference now, making... More for Cancer

Tim Lelito

Can't sleep so heading to the gym to clear my head. If your dreams don't scare you they're not big enough #WhenInDoubtWorkout #MyTherapy

Korey Toomer

The motivational power of your key planet Jupiter often inspir... More for Sagittarius

Ameer Abdullah

"I used to live in a room full of mirrors; all I could see was me. I've crashed my mirrors, now the whole world is here for me to see."

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