Anthony Dixon

It's jus my opinion folks...Be Easy

Tenny Palepoi

Where's the first place you would go in a zombie apocalypse?

Anthony Dixon

Top 10 RB's? 6.Lesean McCoy,7.Eddie Lacy,8.Frank Gore,9.Arian Foster,10.Chris Johnson...#NFL

Isaiah Thomas

Great team Win, on 2 the nxt 1!

jerome felton

I'm talking about Twitter followers lol

Anthony Dixon

@MereKatKat: @Boobie24Dixon but can they take a team from 31st to 2ed in special team?? #ThatsBoobieD” lol Holding it Down

Tony Jefferson

I need to know why Gerald Green didn't play tonight.. They better not be trying to trade him fuhh no

Anthony Dixon

1.Adrian Peterson,2.Marshawn Lynch,3.Jamaal Charles,4.Demarco Murray,5.Leveon Bell...Lesean McCoy and Eddie Lacy could easily make list also

Gordon Hayward

Got a chance to meet the KingSlayer, Jaime Lannister, after the game tonight! #gameofthrones

Antone Exum Jr.

@iamswag1: 1. Congratulations to my teammate @teddyb_h2o on rookie of the year! That's big! Bigger things to come next season!

Anthony Dixon

Marshawn Lynch hands down best doing it right now,I love watching him play,but he sits as number 2 in my Top 5 RB's

Gregory Smith

@DickCarlisle: Props to @Ju_Smith4 for not blocking ya boi tho” bro you funny I had to follow you

Anthony Dixon

S/O my dawg @Jarrettjack03 on the career high tonight...I see ya bruh

Gregory Smith

@DickCarlisle: @Ju_Smith4 you soft af fam.”funniest dude on Twitter. Lmao gotta follow

Demaryius Thomas

Checkout what happened when me and @EricDecker87 went undercover and gave away #SB49 tix w/@RichEisen: #CourtyardNFL

Bryan Braman

@zolaletts: @50_Braman like seriously what's a girl gotta do to get a "hello" ;-)” Hello.

Johnny Hekker

At the @espn party and have been called Chase Budinger twice...#PunterLife

Mike Miller

.. If you haven't seen him yet, JUST WAIT!!! HE CAN GOOOO!!!! #BIGTIME #LETITFLY @BIGG_ZIMM

Eric 〽oreland

All day!“@mbmscorpio: @EricMoreland15 well if this isn’t you, at least he’s making you look good! Lol #beastatfunrun

Steve Weatherford

Steve! Are you gonna to the @Playboy, @Maxim, or #DirectTV party tonight? Nah! Ima be in ...…

Greivis Vasquez

99 problems and a b$tch ain't ONE..

Greivis Vasquez

You think you know, you don't know this game at all...

Ty Lawson

As a league they censor us ... It's sooooo annoying


Great event tonight with @Visa execs. Thanks for having me! #EverywhereYouWantToBe #SB49

Gordon Hayward

What a fun game tonight! #JazzNation was live! Great team win

Ty Lawson

A lot of things need to be said.... Like foreal

Teddy Bridgewater

@BrandonFusco: TEDDY! TEDDY! Congrats @teddyb_h2o on Pepsi Rookie of the Year! Well deserved. This is only the beginning! #skol”thanks man!

Ryan Kelly

S/O to @mistercbooz @dreadheadjizzle @jclark5on and @tarikblack25 for coming to support tonight!

Greivis Vasquez

Get serious or I'll make you be serious...

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